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The Student Internship Stipends Grant

This stipend will be available for students in their last 2 years of university studies, who need to gain knowledge and practical skills in mid-level or advanced-level value added IT service. Student Internships Stipend covers students working for a local company, on local or international client-related work. This stipend can cover transportation and allowances. The Student Internship Stipend is a fixed amount and will be valid for a maximum of two years. The companies must present a training/ work plan for the intern, conduct monthly evaluation of the interns, and issue a part-time employment contract to students. 

The supported internships are expected to lead to full-time jobs once the internship period is over, either by the same firm, or by another firm in the market. It is also expected that if the intern is not employed at the end of the internship, he or she will have gained practical knowledge and experience that help qualify them for future employment and will have contributed to increasing the skilled human capital in the IT sector. The stipend amount can be up to $500, depending on the current market value for position or technical skill, and the technology/ project complexity involved. 


Selection Criteria: 

The following criteria will be used to assess companies’ applications: 

  • Firms should provide evidence of potential growth and a commercially sound business plan, including company vision, workforce expansion plan and can showcase the use of the student intern in their business development activities.  
  • The company has experienced and complementary leadership and a management team with the right skills and personal strengths to succeed in the market.  
  • Firms should have a solid and targeted training/ internship plan and scope of work for student-interns; students must be in their final two years at university planning to graduate with an IT related degree to qualify.   
  • Firms should provide the list of proposed student interns that passed company interviews. 
  • The position(s) requested is/are aligned with the listed skills/ technologies mentioned in the Appendix of the Overview document.  


The following criteria will be used to assess the suitability of the proposed trainees: 

  • Students must be currently enrolled in an accredited Palestinian University in West Bank or Gaza in their final two years at university and planning to graduate with an IT related degree to qualify, with enough time for training prior to graduation, as the stipend coverage will not continue beyond the date of graduation. 
  • Students must not be an immediate family member of the owner/manager or an immediate family member for the spouse of the owner/manager of the IT firm. Immediate family members include: spouse, child, niece/nephew, parent, siblings, grandchild, in-laws. 


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