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On-the-Job Training Stipend

This stipend will help cover the remuneration of new IT staff (graduates without a local full-time employment contract at time of application) who need to gain knowledge and practical skills in mid-level or advanced-level value added services that cannot be found easily in the labor force but are essential to being hired for new outsourcing/ IT services projects with international buyers.

To be eligible for these stipends, individuals will need to have a signed full-time employment contract (short term if necessary) with a Palestinian IT company, which will engage them on a project for which the company has a letter of intent or soft contract with an international buyer. Stipends will have a fixed amount and will be valid for a maximum of one year, depending on the technology and project complexity.

For its workforce to be eligible, the Palestinian IT company will need to demonstrate in its application that its trainees will receive practical training and mentoring during the project from the company’s international buyer and the trainees have been approved by that buyer. The stipend amount will be determined depending on current market value for the position or technical skill, candidate experience, and technology/ project complexity.

The local companies will be required to cover all overhead costs including office space, technology facilities, and management. The firm will need to present a business case for the workforce stipend justified by the prospects of a follow-up contract with the international buyer. The firm will also need to provide details of the human, technology, facilities, and other resources that it will contribute to the on-the-job-training and ensure that they are adequate.

For more details about the stipend window, and to apply for the grant, please click here