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Expatriates Stipend Window

This stipend will support international staff, with senior technological expertise or leadership experience, to work with Palestinian IT services firms to build the technical and managerial capacity of their workforce. Expatriate stipends will help cover the additional costs of hiring individuals with international skillsets that cannot be found in the West Bank and Gaza. This stipend will help local companies cover expatriate compensation packages. Expatriates will be required to have technological expertise or leadership roles during the terms of their contracts to maximize high-tech knowledge transfer and build teams of juniors. Expatriates will need to be either integrated in revenue-generating client projects or be involved in strategic roles to upgrade the capabilities of the enterprise (for example, as temporary Chief Technology Officer or support to improve internal systems and processes). The size of the stipend will be commensurate with the skills and experience of the individual and valid for a maximum of two years. The expatriate contracts will include KPIs and periodic evaluation.

The beneficiary company will be required to cover the basic salary and performance-based bonuses (if any are proposed by the local company), while the stipend will cover the expatriate benefits (for example, relocation costs, house allowance, health insurance, schooling, and hardship allowance). The level of stipend funded by the project will be maximum up to 80% of the basic salary of the expatriate. The company will need to present a diagnosis of gaps and a credible business plan for the utilization of the expatriate staff for workforce capability upgrading to address those gaps. The business plan will need to present the salary and other expenses that the firm will invest in this upgrading process to make a case for value for money.

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