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Grant Window 4:

This intervention will provide matching grants to eligible established Palestinian IT service firms to finance upgrading business infrastructure, including, inter alia, office furniture, high-speed internet connections, technology to facilitate remote work, computer and technology equipment, and operating costs, in accordance with TechStart’s Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF).  While the focus of the support will be on Gaza, companies in the West Bank are also eligible to apply. The grants will also be open to groups of companies looking to establish joint infrastructure or individual companies aiming to establish open shared infrastructure such as an IT hub where companies may collocate and benefit from the efficient use of shared infrastructure. Grants will be provided on a rolling basis and consider business plans that demonstrating their proposals that their ability to fulfil client demands is affected by improper business infrastructure capacity. To prevent the re-selling of equipment under this activity, firms will be requested to separate these assets in their asset list and also by distinguishing asset tagging, and a physical inventory of these assets will be carried out midterm and before the end of the project to confirm possession and use of purchased equipment and grants to be paid back for any missing equipment. 

The project will require 20 percent to 30 percent co-funding from the private companies.  Women-led/owned businesses, smaller firms and firms that are located in Gaza will be eligible for a greater share of co-financing, respectively 80%.  All the other qualified companies will be eligible for the 70% co-financing.