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Improving the IT Service Ecosystem

The program aims to stimulate private sector investment to encourage the entry of new actors to the IT ecosystem by providing competitive grants on matching basis. New actors will provide new services to the Palestinian market that will enhance the competitiveness of Palestinian IT service firms. These will include services related to human capital strengthening and access, including commercial training providers and HR IT service providers. New actors will also invest in establishing Palestinian IT service firms that will broaden the scope of services offered by the Palestinian IT services market. The grants will also help re-establish business operations for IT firms adversely affected by COVID-19, and will support firm-level business infrastructure with focus on Gaza, additionally the program will assist the collaboration of firms to establish one or more IT research and development hubs.

Seed grants to stimulate private investments in the IT service ecosystem:

TechStart provides matching grants to new IT business establishments in West Bank and Gaza. This initiative will help attract technological competencies, industry expertise and will broaden the service offering of the Palestinian IT sector. The seed grants will be provided to eligible individuals or companies through three windows:

  • New IT service operations
  • New Training Service provider
  • New HR IT service providers

Grants for shared R&D hubs:

TechStart offers matching grants to support the establishment of Research and Development hubs to stimulate exploration of targeted new technologies for the benefit of, and in partnership with, Palestinian IT firms.

Grants for IT business infrastructure:

The Project provides eligible Palestinian IT services firms with matching grants to cover their needs of IT business infrastructure including office equipment and improvement, to ensure smooth and sustainable operations.