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The Upskill Program focuses on helping IT firms (including tech and tech enabled startups) upskill their workforce to scale up their business, increase their opportunities for growth, and to attract new local and international clients. 

The UpSkill Program will help upgrade the skills of the Palestinian IT service workforce through provision of stipends through the following window grants: 


  • Train-to-hire stipends Grant: Available to University Graduates, IT Diploma and IT related certificates holders, and new hires who need to gain knowledge and practical skills in mid or advanced-level value added IT services. 


  • The On-the-job training stipends Grant: Covers new IT staff looking to gain knowledge and practical skills in mid-level or advanced-level value added IT services that cannot be found easily in the Palestinian labor force but are essential to being hired for new IT services projects with international buyers. Eligibility will be determined based on a letter of intent / soft contract with international buyers. 


  • Expatriate and diaspora stipends Grant: Supports international staff, including Arab-Palestinian living in Israel, and Palestinians in the Diaspora with senior technological expertise or leadership experience, who will work with Palestinian IT services firms to build the technical and managerial capacity of their workforce.