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About us

Technology for Youth and Jobs is the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology’s Project, funded by the World Bank, European Union, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Government of the Kingdom of Netherland.


Technology for Youth and Jobs Project will work with enterprises to encourage investment in shared technological resources and human capital development focusing on women and youth, thus addressing impediments in the supply of high-quality IT services with an ultimate goal of improving the sector to become more competitive and resilient.


Targeting both firms and individuals, the project provides seed grants to stimulate private investments in the sector, including in research and development. Private sector actors will have the opportunity to invest in new IT firms, training, or human resources services.

Promote and attract:

Technology for Youth and Jobs Project stimulates the demand for Palestinian IT services through fostering partnerships with global tech companies and improving market access. These interventions help spread information abroad on market opportunities in the Palestinian IT sector, eventually attracting new foreign investment and expanding existing investments.

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