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Improving IT service capabilities

Human Capital Improvement:

Technology for Youth and Jobs (TechStart) Project works with IT firms to attract new international clients by employing several measures to retain, enhance, and train their employees. To achieve this, TechStart offers firms the opportunity to develop the practical experience of the large number of under-utilised IT graduate pool in Palestine by providing university students with internship opportunities at participating IT firms.   

The program also supports specialized on-the-job training to create opportunities for IT firms to secure international contracts and create high-skilled jobs through the remuneration of new IT staff who need to gain knowledge and practical skills in mid-level or advanced-level value added services that cannot be found easily in the labor force but are essential to being hired for new outsourcing/ IT services projects with international buyers.

In addition, the program also aims to address the shortage in the local market for skilled mid-level managers and experienced technical team leaders by providing subsidies for hiring expatriates. These positions will make participating firms less risky as propositions for outsourcing contract in the short term while passing on new skills and know-how to their teams to build the local capacity.

Finally, TechStart supports the upskilling of staff impacted by the Covid-19 crisis via online training courses, hence helping companies become more competitive globally when they emerge from the crisis.

Advisory Services

Technology for Youth and Jobs Project provides technical assistance to eligible Palestinian IT services firms to improve their managerial and organizational abilities and leadership skills, while also developing and implementing business resiliency measures and business relaunch measures to respond to the COVID19 crisis.

IT and Gender Needs Assessment and Engagement:

Technology for Youth and Jobs Project aims to increase access to employment of women in the Palestinian IT service companies, including in management and leadership positions as this has been shown to result in better problem-solving skills in businesses. To do this, TechStart will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the effect of gender on women’s employment in IT services, to reveal the current employment landscape of IT service companies, create a better understanding of the expectations faced by hiring managers when it comes to recruitment, retention and promotion of female staff, and identify the constraints and opportunities faced by male and female employees working in the sector. As a result of this study Techstart will design and then pilot these solutions in the market.  

 “COVID-19 Employment Support Subsidies”: 

TechStart provides employment subsidies to existing staff in IT services companies who can no longer be assigned to client projects or to internal management functions due to losses from client revenues and are at risk of redundancy.