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Pioneer Program

The Pioneer program focuses on strengthening the competitiveness of the Palestinian IT sector through financing initial costs for establishment in West Bank and Gaza. 

Pioneer will provide matching grants to new West Bank and Gaza business establishments that increase global competitiveness by building new capabilities in the local IT ecosystem. New IT service providers will broaden the service offering of the Palestinian IT sector, generate more revenue, and create new jobs. Through new training or certification providers, the IT service firms will have access to a greater (through HR services) and better skilled (through training providers) pool of workers in the labor market who have the capabilities to work on contracts that meet international standards. This program will also provide IT services firms with access to the minimum business infrastructure they need to operate their businesses, namely IT equipment and office facilities. 


Grants to Stimulate Private Investments in the IT Service Ecosystem: 

  • New IT service operations Grant : Aims to de-risk, encourage, and enable the launch of emerging IT services companies in the West Bank and Gaza IT services market.



  • New HR Service providers for IT Sector Grant : This Grant aims to de-risk, encourage and enable the launch of new HR providers for IT sector in response to the lack of professional and commercial HR service providers in the West Bank and Gaza.


Grants for IT Business Infrastructure: 


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