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Eligibility Criteria:

Each applicant applying to this program must meet all the following eligibility criteria to be considered for further evaluation:  

  1. Be a company legally registered, and operating out of the West Bank and Gaza; or in the process of legal registration; or committed to register with Ministry of National Economy.
  2. Foreign entities/entrepreneurs willing to establish new entities will commit to register with the Ministry of National Economy.  
  3. Firms are IT services companies and business service providers working in the technology field in software development, computer programming and consultancy, data processing, hosting or related activities, IT training services providers, HR services providers for IT sector; or are mature tech / tech-enabled start-ups1 that have traction in the market and are already generating revenues.  
  4. Applicants for Grant Window “New IT training service providers” are required to: 
    • establish new IT training service companies in West Bank or, in case of a local firm partnering with an international training service provider, the local training firm should be in operation for less than one year before the date of application.  
    • commit to train for the benefit of the IT sector/ other companies and provide MoUs with other companies or PITA, on the engagement model. 
  5. Applicants for Grant window “Upgrading IT business infrastructure” are required to be in operation for at least one year before the date of application.  
  6. Projects have minimal or non-existent environmental impacts.