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Launch of Improving the IT Services Ecosystem (PIONEER) Program

The MTIT Announces the launch of a new program under TechStart project:

 Improving the IT Services Ecosystem (PIONEER)

Ramallah-Palestine: The Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology has announced on Sunday August 21, the launch of “Improving the IT Service Ecosystem” program (PIONEER). This is the second main program launched under the Technology for Youth and Jobs (TechStart) project. The new program aims at stimulating private sector investments into the IT ecosystem and supporting local companies to improve their capabilities and competitiveness.

Improving the IT Service Ecosystem program (PIONEER) will enhance the diversity of the products and services offered in the Palestinian IT sector  by (i) providing seed grants to  local and foreign companies to establish new IT operations in West Bank and Gaza,  (ii) supporting the launch of new training service providers for IT sector based on a sustainable business model, and  (iii) attracting new HR service providers for the IT sector. The program also provides grants to local companies to upgrade their business infrastructure and help them to respond to specific client needs.


H.E Dr. Ishaq Seder, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, explained the importance of the program and said, “this program provides great investment opportunities in the IT ecosystem and encourages new entrants to the sector”. He added, “this program, together with the Human Capital Improvement Stipends program that was launched earlier this year, addresses the needs of the sector and provides opportunities for growth and expansion to maximize its potential and ability to compete globally. We will continue to mobilize all efforts towards developing the Palestinian ICT sector in line with the national development strategy and to place Palestine on the digital map of the world”.


His Excellency also commented on the outcomes of the previously launched programs, the "COVID-19 Relief Program", and "Gaza Tech and Innovative Recovery Program" in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy’s IPSD project. His Excellency said “I am proud that this cooperation between the two ministries have contributed to the relief of companies suffering from the consequences of the pandemic and from the war on Gaza” he added both programs provided immediate support to 85 companies, and managed to save 893 jobs including 281 jobs occupied by females in the West Bank and Gaza”

About TechStart:

TechStart is a Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTIT) project funded by the World Bank, with additional financing and support provided by the Netherlands, and implemented by DAI Global. The project is geared at enhancing economic opportunities for IT service firms in the West Bank and Gaza through three major components which seek to upgrade human capital skills, improve IT  firms’ capabilities, develop the IT service ecosystem,  and enhance business linkages and new market access, and increase local and foreign private sector investments in the IT sector.